Aims and Objectives: SOUND TOUCH Module

sound touch

SOUND TOUCH Module is one element of the Sound Therapist Practitioner training.

This module introduces the fundamental elements of INNER SOUND - the INNER SOUND motifs. In musical terms, a motif is a short musical phrase made up of several notes that create a distinctive rhythmic pattern. INNER SOUND is a sound therapy system based on relative movement.


INNER SOUND motifs have a simple musical structure using a variety of scales including the pentatonic(five-note scale) some of the Greek modes and the Western diatonic scale.

  • The motifs help areas in your system to remember their dynamic movement of expansion or contraction, often resulting in a release of stress and tension, sometimes evoking an emotional release.
  • Depending on which instruments are used to play the motifs, different aspects of your organism can be activated - whether mental, emotional, physical or energetic.
  • INNER SOUND motifs can potentially help people initiate movement and change regardless of where you may be in your personal development.
  • INNER SOUND motifs do not rely on or impose any belief system of how you should be or act.

Course Content

sound touch

Introduction, Uses & Enhancement Exercises for:

  • 21 musical motifs:
  • Motifs include: Alpha, Birth, Centering, Child, Cleaning, Conception, Contact, Contraction, Equalization, Lubrication, Amplification, Expansion, Foot Stimulation, Front/Back Alignment, Grounding, Hemispheric Balance, Hope, Integration, Left/Right Balance, Opening, Theta
  • 12 Life Themes:
  • Grounding; Connecting with Spiritual Truth; Remote Memories; Physical Vitality; Connecting with Spiritual Essence; Self-Image; Mental Clarity; Emotional Body; Childhood; Energy Balancing; Love; Inner Peace.

Sound Touch can also be used as an independent 'self-help' tool for personal and/or professional use.

Module fee includes study manual & Sound Touch CD.

**This course is a pre-requisite course for OM Flute training**

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