INNER SOUND Therapeutic Music Practitioner Certificate

Our Practitioner Training is available in two options:

  • Distance Learning (Home Study, not online training)
  • Presence Learning

Aims & Objectives

This training provides students with the tools to work with our therapeutic music on a professional or personal basis. Upon completion, you will be able to use the INNER SOUND CDs as a complete system, working with any aspect you or your client wishes to work on.

Our theory-based modules are applicable to all forms of sound therapy and would also be of interest to anyone wishing to develop their understanding of sound & music.

Student materials: two volumes of detailed notes include theory & all aspects of session protocols; student tests for certification & case study criteria; set of 18 INNER SOUND Self-Discovery Series CDs.

As part of this training, students complete a detailed personal listening program based on 4 'classifications of experience' and enhancement exercises (movement, visualization and breathing techniques) developed by INNER SOUND. Developing personal clarity and effective client/practitioner skills enhances efficiency in guiding clients through the inherent releasing process that results in using individual listening programs.


Supervision sessions are available by appointment for students during their training to assist with questions and guidance or while completing their case studies. These are offered either on a presence or telephone basis (skype or landline); additional fees apply on request.


If you want to buy the home study version of this training, please email (see below) to confirm your interest. Price varies according to postal charges for sending these materials to wherever you live.


How Sound Benefits

Theory-based section includes the following topics: physics of sound; effect of sound on the biological functions of the body; effect of sound on the physiology of the body; effect of sound on the nervous system (Psychoacoustics)

Theory of Emotion

Theory-based section includes the following topics: theory and function of emotions; influence of sound on the emotions; field theory; acoustic and electronically produced sounds; where different instruments resonate.


A detailed introduction to the SOUND TOUCH CD containing 21 INNER SOUND motifs and 12 Life Themes including therapeutic benefits, suggested uses and enhancement exercises.

A motif is a discreet melody or musical note progression. Arden Wilken has identified over 50 such motifs in her ongoing investigation with sound & music, that promote the body's ability to repair itself. A Life Theme represents a combination of several motifs working with one of 12 themes common to the human experience.

Listening Programs

How to the use the 18 INNER SOUND CDs; How to combine CDs to create Listening Programs. Includes a complete list of Themes and Symptoms for the Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit and Enhancement Exercises recommended to develop & integrate the effect of each CD.

Evaluation Tools

Introduces assessment tools that help determine which music potentially will be most appropriate for your clients' requested theme(s) - Iris Interpretation, Body Reading - which form the basis of the Interview process.

The Interview Process

How to use the information provided by your clients to create a Listening Program individually tailored to their needs. How to conduct an interview and session; incorporates identifying a client's listening goals and use of assessment tools and drawing on student's personal process.

Client-Practitioner Relationship

How to develop effective communication with your clients; creating an ongoing process with music by clients; how to describe the therapy process and listening goals to clients; how to apply the music (use of headphones and music player); code of ethics and professional attitude.

Further Info:

Introduction to Sound Therapy

If you're completely new to sound therapy, our Introductory course encompasses a range of experiences to help broaden your perspective on the role sound and music could play in your life and is a great place to start!

Certification and Other Costs

All Practitioner Certificates are issued by Inner Sound International, based in Seattle, Washington, USA. To complete the certification process, you will be required to complete a minimum number of case studies; submit multiple choice papers for each module (provided with course material); conduct a course assessment interview by telephone with Arden Wilken, Director and co-founder of INNER SOUND.

Once certified as an INNER SOUND SOUND THERAPY PRACTITIONER, practitioners are also eligible for a membership to the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION of SOUND THERAPY.


Sheila Hill, Inner Sound(UK) Instructor

Sheila Hill is Director & Instructor for School for INNER SOUND (UK)

Telephone: +44 (0)208 891 3798 or mobile: 07752 160 078.

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