Listening to Inner Sound CDs

Introducing INNER SOUND -- a comprehensive range of sound therapy 'tools' that anyone can use, for releasing stress, personal healing/transformation, or as holistic complementary therapy.

Composer Arden Wilken has created over 20 CD titles composed with the following themes in mind: improving memory and concentration, communication and self-expression, physical vitality and developing creativity and intuition, meditation and creative visualizations.

Listening Suggestions: For Physical Aspects

Music for Healing CDMusic for Children CDRadiant Body CDFloating in the SeaAromatherapyDeep Touch CDReposeSound TouchPersonal Music Compilation

Listening Suggestions: For Emotional Aspects

Inner Sun CDNew Heart CDVoyage to FreedomFor Depression, Intuition CD, Track 5For Fatigue, Voyage to Freedom, Track 1Magical GardenSound TouchPersonal Music Compilation

Listening Suggestions: For Mental Aspects

Brain Tape For Stress also Voyage to Freedom Track 3Sound TouchPersonal Music Compilation

Listening Suggestions: For Energetic Aspects

Dreamtime CDInner Focus CDInner Harmony CDNature Serenade CDIntuition CDReikiCosmic AlignmentJourney Through the ChakrasSound TouchPersonal Music Compilation

'Just Tuning' Series

Just Celtic CDJust Piano CDJust Yoga CDRepose

Music for Animals

Healing Music for Animals

"Regular listening to INNER SOUND's relaxation CD's can help you..."

  • Improve your focus while studying;
  • Reduce stress and relax - both your mind and body;
  • Recuperate more quickly from an illness or operation;
  • Improve self-confidence and self-expression;
  • Develop greater self-awareness.

Co-creators, Arden & Jack Wilken, continue their ongoing investigation into the use of therapeutic music and sound for supporting health & well-being, relaxation, meditation or changing many aspects of your life.

Learn more about how and why sound and music is helpful for improving the quality of your relaxation by reading: "Sonic Pathways"

For the Body »

  • Deep Touch
  • Floating
  • Radiant Body
  • For the Emotions »

  • Inner Sun
  • Magical Garden
  • New Heart