Music for Improving Memory and Concentration

Our mind is our greatest tool for creating a successful life, so its smooth functioning is essential.

Brain Tape helps you create a more efficient use of your mental processes, for example, the ability to learn and to exercise creative thought.

This music can be beneficial to people of all ages - young and old!

Additional Benefits from regular listening to this music:

For the Body
For short-term stress (studying for exams, project deadlines, etc): helps keep the mind clear and agile under pressure

For physical illness -chronic (cancer, AIDS, birth defects,nervous disorders, multiple sclerosis, etc)
helps balance the hemispheres and aids in entering into deeper states of consciousness where the body can more easily heal itself

For physical stamina, vitality, rejuvenation - intensifies and strengthens brainwave activity. Loss of mental function; desire to optimise physical vitality/stamina

For the Mind
For Learning: adolescents and adults- promotes hemispheric balance and a flexible thought process. Aids learning and ease of doing mental work

For Alpha wave production; Concentration, mental focus; balancing the hemispheres; expanding consciousness, mental clarity; memory improvement, regression. Use in conjunction with exercises to improve any aspect of mental function.

For the Emotions
For developing personal power and self-esteem: helps enhance the clearing of negative thought patterns

For the Spirit
For expanding your conciousness (self-awareness) and mental clarity.

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