Music for communication – both inward and outward

Each of the seven songs (Rose, Purple, Chartreuse, Silver, Rust, Mauve and Gold) bathes the different layers of the electromagnetic field with distinct colors to create a homogenous connection between them.

Additional Benefits from regular listening to this music:

For the Body
Birth - helps create/maintain communication; also helps with bonding process

Pregnancy - promotes greater energetic and emotional connection between mother and unborn child

Sports Training for Optimum Performance - can be used as emotional and energetic support to enhance the physical training, promoting communication with all parts of the body

For the Mind
Learning (adolescents) - supports the learning process during adolescence; improves inner and outward communication; to understand and express what is being learned

For the Emotions
Communication and Expression; For Developing Personal Power and Self-Esteem; Hyperactivity; Serenity and Inner Peace; Well-being, Emotional Stability - helps promote & support all of these themes

For the Spirit
Creative visualizations - promotes communication between all levels of consciousness

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