Music for Emotional Bonding

New Heart penetrates deeply into the opening and closing mechanism of the 4th energy centre in the chest.

The tempo of this music is 60 beats per minute and can be used as background music to enhance learning situations. In such cases, it works well at low volumes.

Track 2 is particularly suited to visualizations regarding heart function and a healthy circulatory system.

New Heart can be used by athletes who want to optimize the above functions, as well as by people with heart or circulatory problems.

This music would be useful as part of a recovery treatment plan from a heart attack or heart surgery.

Stabilizes the flow of energy in the chest area. For anxiety and low self-esteem.

Additional Benefits from regular listening to this music:

For the Body
Allergies - when there is difficulty breathing or tightness in the chest. Helps circulate energy in the chest where there are acupressure points relating to the lymph system.

Birth - during the actual birth process from the onset of contractions. Helps keep an open heart.

Hypertension - Helps resolve emotional and energetic blockages, which may be underlying this condition

Massage - Clears trapped emotional energy in the chest area; feelings of anxiety or low self-esteem.

Chronic physical illness - neutralizes any ‘victim’ feelings; improves self-esteem. Side B: enhances cellular integrity on an energetic level

Physical stamina, vitality, rejuvenation - promotes greater capacity to breathe and circulation of energy in and around the heart; improves slow or sluggish circulation

Chronic stress (caring for a loved one, working long hours etc) helps to accept a long-term situation and act with compassion; alleviates feelings of resentment and being burdened

Substance abuse (drugs, cigarettes, alcohol etc)

For the Emotions
For developing personal power and self-esteem; serenity and inner peace; Emotional trauma (loss of job, death of loved one, divorce, separation, moving house, etc) Helps strengthen circulation of energy in the chest, stabilizes and balances the emotional energy

For the Mind
Learning for Adults - promotes a positive outlook, eases learning and doing mental work

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