Music for Meditation, Introspection, Energetic Alignment and Integration

The effect of the music in Track 1 draws energy deeper into the core of the body, making the layers of the electromagnetic field (aura) more evenly spaced and balanced around the body, particularly below the feet.

The music in Track 2 is directed at the energy channels at the back of the neck, upper back and occipital region, helping liberate energy held in the past.

When this circuitry is intact and clear of blocked energy, a person can access more easily and directly whatever memories they choose.

Additional Benefits from regular listening to this music:

For the Body
Arthritis; joint pain - helps to cool the joints by drawing the energy to the core of the body

Chronic physical illness - helps strengthen the electromagnetic energy moving in the core of the body; clears and repairs energy channels in the throat, back of neck, arms and hands

Substance abuse - helps maintain will power

For the Mind
Alpha wave production; concentration, mental focus; and memory improvement, regression - helps draw dispersed energy, repairs damage to the third chakra, for those who are easily distracted or have difficulty in maintaining focus

For Learning: Age 7 - 12 years. Helps create and maintain a stable core of electromagnetic energy in the body, helps with problems of concentration, poor self-esteem

For the Emotions
For Rebirth - any major change whether physical, mental emotional or spiritual

For the Spirit
Energetic alignment and integration - When energy centers, channels and layers of the aura are in balance and aligned in relation to each other, it is much easier to achieve desired goals. For those who are easily distracted, or experience difficulty in maintaining focus.

Meditation and introspection - helps create and maintain a stable core of electromagnetic energy in the body

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