Music for Energetic Alignment and Integration

Tracks 1-6 focus on the speed and quality of the flow of energy through the energy system: the opening and closing mechanisms in the chakras; the connections between the chakras and energy channels; and the overall alignment and integration of the chakras and the layers of the aura.

Track 7 cleans the telepathic channels on the face and around the ears.

Track 8 helps to assimilate the activation from the other tracks.

And Track 9 focuses on the back and centre of the fourth chakra.

Additional Benefits from regular listening to this music:

For the Body
Arthritis & joint pain - when moderate to severe stiffness is present

Massage - helps the receiver assimilate and integrate contact while helping the giver maintain contact with self and their energetic balance

Relaxation - Focus of title: helps maintain a responsive, well-tuned energy system

Sharpening the 5 senses - enhances any sense or helps balance when a negative symptom exists relating to any of them

For the Mind
Learning - helps create energetic alignment and balance for children between ages 7-12

Expanding consciousness; mental clarity - helps discharge excess emotional energy

For the Emotions
Serenity and inner peace; Emotional bonding and harmonizing relationships; Emotional trauma (loss of job, death of loved one, divorce, separation, moving house, etc)

An integrated and balanced energy system helps us deal more easily with strong emotional situations.

For the Spirit
Creative Visualisation - when the energy system is tuned and balanced, it is much easier to visualize. For difficulty in visualizing or desire to improve existing ability

Meditation & Introspection - if you experience difficulty in meditating; or you want to improve on your existing ability

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