Music for Birth, Pregnancy

This music creates a nurturing effect and brings about greater acceptance of your own needs, in turn promoting greater self-acceptance and love. Magical Garden helps promote greater contact with nature and the natural reality.

The primary motifs are represented in the natural sounds - water, bird sounds, rain & thunderstorm.

Additional Benefits from regular listening to this music:

For the Body
Body Awareness - we have greater contact with our physical reality when we're in nature, helps to promote a sense of 'space' around our body

Birth - this music works well with the inter-uterine experience & birth itself making it a good support through pregnancy & the physical act of birth

Learning, ages 1 - 4 - helps young children maintain their connection with the natural reality. This music supports and enhances the early phases of childrens' learning & development

Sports training for optimum performance
A flexible mind and well-tuned energy field is essential for optimum performance in all sports. Helps promote emotional maturity & renewal of energy

For the Emotions
Rebirth; self-acceptance; serenity, inner peace and nurturing - alters poor self-image; difficulty making a life change or transition; feelings of disconnection or solitude

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