Music for the 'Inner Child'

This music is for children, and also for the ‘creative child’ in adults.

Helps free up constrictions in the 3rd energy center (solar plexus) that restrict the flow of energy in our electromagnetic field as a whole, hampering our ability to be spontaneous and joyful.

Additional Benefits from regular listening to this music:

For the Body
Birth - helps let go of fear and control patterns; allows the birth process to unfold naturally. Use during the entire birth process from onset of contractions

Insomnia, troubled sleep, nightmares - helps clean and strengthen the third energy center located in the solar plexus, particularly for long-term difficulties

Pregnancy - helps expectant mothers prepare emotionally and energetically for childbirth by freeing up the 3rd chakra and strengthening overall energy flow. Alleviates fear about giving birth

Chronic Stress (caring for loved one, working long hours, etc) - this music helps maintain a spontaneous joyful outlook & inner strength when there's a loss of personal center and/or positive outlook

Substance abuse(drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, etc) - helps those who experience frequent mistakes, lack of focus or concentration, short-term memory loss

For the Mind
Learning: children (ages 4 - 12) - supports all learning situations by maintaining spontaneity & creativity

Learning: adults - unblocks the third energy center located in the solar plexus, benefits all learning situations

For the Emotions
Developing personal power and self-esteem; Hyperactivity; Joy and laughter - helps maintain spontanaeity and creativity; discharges excess emotional energy

For the Spirit
Children and Adults - Creativity e.g. Writer’s/artist’s block

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