Music for Grounding & the masculine aspect

This music’s primary effect is energetic, helping to discharge built-up emotional energy.

It's secondary effect is on the emotions themselves, balancing them because of the discharge.

Additional Benefits from regular listening to this music:

For the Body
Allergies (food) - Helps to release emotional and energetic charge, which can be a contributing factor in allergies

Particularly appropriate if you are experiencing emotional stress, or situations with high emotional charge

Hypertension - also known as ‘high blood pressure’. Helps discharge excess emotional energy, which may be a contributing factor. For difficulty in expressing feelings or emotions; feelings of depression or apathy

Premenstrual Syndrome - helps discharge excess emotional energy, which may be a contributing factor to PMS

Sports training for optimum performance - all sports. Helps rapid discharge of emotional energy which can block optimal performance; for example, being frustrated or disappointed by outcome of event or training

For the Mind
Balancing the hemispheres - helps discharge/expression of emotional energy when emotional highs and lows are present

For the Emotions
Depression; Emotional bonding and harmonizing relationships; Well-being and emotional stability;
For developing masculine aspect - personal power, self-esteem; Grounding; Hyperactivity.

Helps discharge emotional energy, which blocks or contributes to all of these themes.

For those who find it difficult being in contact with feelings and emotions; expressing emotions; experience emotional highs and lows; or lack of contact with physical reality

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