FLOATING in the SEA Image

Natural sounds and music

For profound and immediate relaxation:
Track 1: sea sounds from the Mediterranean
Track 2: sea sounds with the mythical echo of Sirens.

This CD helps to activate the ‘relax’ response in the body, helping to enter quickly and deeply into this state.

Often, just by being able to relax deeply on a frequent basis, many problems at all levels of being can be resolved or healed.

This state, called the ‘relaxation reflex’, identified by Dr. Herbert Benson, is reached when there is a dominance of brain waves at 7.8 cycles per second with balanced phasing between the hemispheres.

This is the only INNER SOUND title where the primary effect comes from the psycho-acoustic effects forming part of the recording process; the music plays a supporting role.

Simply sit or lie in a comfortable position. Use headphones. Enjoy the experience.

Additional benefits from regular listening:

For the Body
Hypertension - also known as ‘high blood pressure’. This music helps to resolve emotional and energetic blockages, which may be underlying this condition. For those who find it difficulty to relax

Massage - this music helps promote immediate and deep relaxation

Relaxation - when there is a need to relax quickly and deeply

For the Emotions
Hyperactivity - promotes greater contact with feelings and emotions and to be able to express them to the outside. Promotes deep and immediate relaxation when feelings of restlessness & inability to relax are present

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