Music for Emotional Balancing & Realignment

Track 1 - GRACE – cassette title 'For Fatigue'
Helps alleviate both short and long-term fatigue by focusing on psychological factors underlying fatigue, mainly lack of sufficient contact with mother, lack of mother’s love & nurturing. The violin melody and strings starting at 16 mins represents this energy.

Track 2 - BEAUTY
Helps promote emotional bonding to alleviate the stress inherent in personal relationships.

Track 3– TRANQUILITY - cassette title ‘For Stress’
A common symptom of stress is the inability to concentrate, the mind from a quiet mental state leading to a relaxed body and helps integrate the movement created by tracks 1 and 2.

Additional Benefits from regular listening to this music:

For the Body
Allergies - Helps release mental stress that can be a contributing factor in allergies, particularly for long-term situations. Improves difficulty in concentrating or retaining information; thinking about the same things over and over

Body Awareness - creates a connection deep in the emotional body that enhances body awareness. For clumsy, awkward movements

Hypertension - releases mental stress which can be a contributing factor; for either short or long term situations

Massage - Nurturing; Alleviates feelings of abandonment, problems in musculature, ligaments, tendons, etc

Physical illness, chronic (cancer, aids, birth defects, nervous disorders, multiple sclerosis, etc). Track 1 provides nurturing energy on an emotional level. Whenever complete rest is desired, or spirits are low

Physical illness, chronic (cancer, aids, birth defects, nervous disorders, multiple sclerosis, etc) Track 3 alleviates mental stress arising from illness or secondary stress like worry about money, family issues, etc. Obsessive thoughts, worries, doubts, fears

Stress, short-term (studying for exams, project deadlines, etc) - alleviates mental stress; loss of mental clarity and focus

Stress, chronic (caring for loved one, working long hours, etc) - for long-term stress whether or not there are specific symptoms

For the Mind
Alpha wave production - improves physical rest by promoting lower brainwave states

Expanding Consciousness - improves mental clarity by alleviating short or long term stress

For the Emotions
Well-being and Stability; Emotional Trauma (loss of job, death of loved one, divorce, separation, moving house, etc) - alleviates short or long-term stress

Nurturing; For Developing Feminine and Masculine Aspect - improves rest & provides nurturing energy on an emotional level

For the Spirit
Intuition - helps discharge excess mental energy to more easily enter into lower brainwave states


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