Just Yoga CD

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Just Yoga
Music for the practice of Yoga and meditation
(54 mins/CD only)

Music for the practice of yoga and meditation in just tuning. (Drink a little water before and after listening).

Track Titles:
* 1. Introduction - going inside 5.28
* 2. The practice 39.32
* 3. Integration - coming back out 6.01

What is 'Just Tuning'?

Each CD in this series has either been arranged, performed or composed in Just Tuning rather than the more frequently used tempered tuning.

In Just Tuning many of the musical intervals are "pure", creating less stress on the nervous system and enhancing the effect of the music, helping you relax more completely.

While a person is listening to this music the needed frequencies in that moment are absorbed while the rest pass through without leaving any 'footprints'.

Feel calm. Feel relaxed. Feel at peace. Receive the full benefit of your listening experience!

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