Journey Thru the Chakras

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Journey Through the Chakras:
Music for Meditation, Rejuvenation and Inspiration
57 mins/CD only

Three pioneers in sound and energy work take you on a journey through the 7 major chakras to help you find your own unique, dynamic balance.

Michele Averard: Tibetan Bowls, Mayan Drums, Flute and Bamboo Flute, Rain Stick, Wooden Stick, Sleigh Bells, Monochord, Koto, Vocal Sounds

Nestor Kornblum: Mongolian Throat Chanting, Ocean Drum, Didjeridu, Vocal Sounds, Tibetan Bowls Overtone Singing

Arden Wilken: Primordial Sound, Wind and Space Sound, Oboe, Harp, Vocal Sounds, Vibraphone

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