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OM Tuners 3-fork Set

Set of 3 forks, velvet carry pouch and rubber stopper

The OM Tuners are a set of three tuning forks based on the pure 5th interval.

The OM Tuning Forks are not duplicated in the Spiral of Pure 5ths 13 fork set.

The middle fork of the OM Tuners is the reference fork for this set, representing the OM frequency (136.1 Hz). The second and third forks represent a 5th below and a 5th above this frequency.

OM Tuners are manufactured to the same specifications as the Spiral of Fifths set.

OM Tuners are used for balancing the abdominal organs & promoting grounding.

Energetically, OM Tuners help balance the third energy center located in the solar plexus area and the third layer of the electromagnetic field.

Inner Sound Tuning Forks are used at the ears for stress reduction & relaxation

Instruction booklet describing use & application provided with this set.

If you wish to learn more about Inner Sound Tuning Forks we recommend you take our Practitioner training

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