Spiral of Fifths Tuning Forks (13)

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Spiral of Fifths - Professional Set of 13 forks

INNER SOUND's custom-made tuning forks, designed by Arden and Jack Wilken, for use at the ears.

The Spiral of Fifths set is a series of 13 precision-made aluminium tuning forks, providing a consistent spectrum of pure 5th intervals.

The base tone of the Spiral is taken from the Schumann Earth Cavity Frequency. The lowest frequency, at 31.46 Hz, is 2 octaves above the Schumann Frequency. The tuning forks step up by pure 5ths from the 1st to the 13th fork, at 4081.81 Hz.

The Effect of the Spiral of Pure 5ths
Listening to tuning forks in this ratio, one at each ear, produces an organized wave of expansion and contraction throughout your whole system. Occurring at all levels, the response promotes a deep state of relaxation that supports regeneration and your energy system to balance and align.

In professional practice they are ideal to support any therapy or techniques such as massage, body work or energy healing.

On a personal level they are excellent for managing stress and improving sleep.

Instruction booklet describing use & application provided with this set for personal use only. If you wish to learn how to use our Tuning Forks for professional treatments, we recommend you take our Practitioner training

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