Music for relaxed vitalization

Track 1 sets the pulse and begins a soft, yet definite movement of energy.
Track 2 moves the energy from the tips of the toes to the top of the head.
Track 3 reinforces this flow.
Track 4 deepens the intensity of the movement of Tracks 1-3.
Track 5 focuses on the movement created in the 6th and 7th chakras (brow and crown).

Cleans & moves energy in the first layer of the electromagnetic field

Additional Benefits from regular listening to this music:

For the Body
Hypertension - Helps resolve emotional and energetic blockages, which may be underlying this condition

Massage - Recovery from illness; for transitions, for example, moving to new location, entering into a new relationship, job, etc.

Physical illness -chronic (cancer, AIDS, birth defects,nervous disorders, multiple sclerosis, etc.)
Helps the body absorb new energies that support the healing process

Physical stamina, vitality, rejuvenation - when energy levels are low

Premenstrual Syndrome - when tiredness or apathy are present

Sports training for optimum performance - emotional and energetic support to enhance physical training. Promotes a unified radiant energy field

Stress, Chronic (caring for loved one, working long hours, etc.) - feeling trapped or burdened in a situation; desire to have more time for oneself

For the Mind
Learning: 4-7 years - helps the creation of personal identity

For the Emotions
Depression; For developing personal power and self-esteem; self-acceptance - helps dissipate negative thought patterns; heighten a sense of self; promotes grounding. For poor self-image; depression (mild to severe); lack of contact with the physical reality

For the Spirit
Energetic alignment and integration - promotes more integrated connection to the physical reality. Lack of grounding; feelings of instability.

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