Originally developed by Arden Wilken, co-creator of INNER SOUND, PERSONAL MUSIC CDs provide musical support during periods of transition, creativity, personal development, illness, or short or long-term stress. Arden has created uniquely tailored music compositions for over 10,000 individuals.

You music is compiled with a series of specially chosen musical sequences 'motifs' that are selected for the movement they create while listening.

Listening to music generates a sympathetic response in your whole system as sound waves travel rapidly through your body's pathways moving 'at the speed of sound'. Subtle vibrations can help liberate emotional energy held within the cellular structures of the body that contribute to tensions or 'blockages' existing at all levels, both physically & psychologically.

You may experience this movement while listening as physical sensations (tingling, heat, pressure, musical 'thrills' etc), unrelated thoughts or feelings; visualized imagery of energy or colors, memories relating to past events, or emotions you may have experienced in connection with those memories, or even deep relaxation, or falling sleep.

Any initial discomfort or emotional release is usually temporary & passes quickly as the blockages clear & balance is restored.

Regular listening (once a day) may potentially create significant change, helping you develop greater personal awareness; improving your physical and/or emotional wellbeing; helping review and release past emotional experiences; altering how you feel about your requested theme, whatever it may be.

Change can occur relatively quickly (within 2-4 weeks) but depends how regularly you listen & how long the theme has been present in your life.

Stress reduction; physical illness or lack of vitality; pregnancy; self-esteem; fears of known/unknown origins; developing intuition or creativity, meditation

You have several choices:

Contact & Payment

Sheila Hill is Director & Instructor for School for INNER SOUND (UK)

Telephone: +44 (0)208 891 3798 or mobile: 07752 160 078.

Email: enquiries@inner-sound.co.uk (no hyperlink)

Qualified practitioner Sheila Hill trained with Arden Wilken in 2004 and has been compiling Personal Music CDs since then. She has worked with different aspects of this system of sound therapy for over 20 years. Sheila will ask you for a brief personal history to help customize your CD & for any information that may be relevant to your chosen theme(s).

Consultation & CD: £80.00 / $120.00


  • online bank transfer - account details provided (UK payments only)
  • Paypal via email link

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