Spectrum Sound Resonance System (SSRS)


Jack Wilken developed Spectrum Sound Resonance System to enhance your listening experience.

Each INNER SOUND title contains psychoacoustic effects that promote greater "communication" - synchronization - between the two hemispheres of your brain.

How does this benefit you?


"When our brains are 'in phase' it means both hemispheres are more likely to be producing the same brainwave frequency patterns simultaneously.

We typically experience a greater degree of relaxation at all levels - mental, emotional & physical - and have greater awareness of and access to information available within the full spectrum of brainwave states of beta, alpha, theta & delta."

"Psychoacoustics is the terms given to the study & research developed to better understand how our central nervous system processes sound of all kinds."

How Sound Works


Sound energy, in the form of mechanical waves, is transformed, as it enters through the ear, into electrical impulses, which travel through the network of connective tissue to all parts of the body.

The systems of the body, whose resonant quality matches the 'motifs' used in the Tools for Self-Discovery series, respond through sympathetic resonance.